interactive art

'Shifting filters for a 2030 home'

Filter Family

‘Filter Family’ is an interactive installation that materializes the choices we need to make about our living environment in 2030. In a heavily urbanized society where space is severely limited, how much personal space would we need? What are we willing to share? And which social layers will we add or filter out?

During Dutch Design Week 2019, Leolux and Studio LONK place visitors in the middle of these issues. And on a huge sofa.

In 2030, relationships and households will be increasingly ‘liquid’, ever changing, just like the composition of the sofa placed centrally in the installation. The border between the tactile and digital world will be blurred, the difference between ‘real’ and ‘fake’ has become irrelevant. We will filter our realities, even more so than we do today.

Visitors take a seat on the couch and move the panels to find their balance between privacy and social interaction. As one shits the panels, the soundscape changes to represent more intimate versus more social living environments.

'Filter Family' allows visitors to experience how, in times of ever-increasing urbanisation and density, the 'synthetic generation' can find the balance between social interaction and privacy by means of filters.

See video here!